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Elk M1G, how do I access to the circuit board


New Member
I need to replace the clock battery (CR2032) on my M1G. The keyboard time display has been drifting from real time.  How do I get access to the battery, more specifically how do I remove the M1G cover to expose the circuit board. Is a cover removal tool needed? Thanks for any advice. 


Senior Member
On the top and bottom sides of the cover, there are two small, rectangular holes, about 1/4" wide and 1/8" high.  There are locking tabs that engage with these holes to hold the cover in place.  Carefully press each tab with the tip of a flat bladed screw driver to disengage them.  Be careful not to press too hard, or else you will break off the tab. 
It's a bit tricky to disengage one and then the other without the first one re-engaging.