Elk M1G Not talking with Z-Wave interface


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Hi All,

Just installed my Elk M1G, Z-wave interface and Ethernet interface but can't seem to get the Elk to turn on any Z-Wave devices.

The Z-Wave interface is recognised as a Type 5 expander and the status light blinks once per second like it should but I can't get the Elk to turn on any of the lights.

I was successful in copying the settings from my master controller (at least it SAID it was successful). Are the lights added to the Elk panel automatically or do they need to be set up?

I have the first light set up as a serial expander but still no luck getting it to control from the keypad. When I press the # key to turn it on/off I DO NOT see a transmission light from the Z-wave interface.

I suggest you enroll the lights as GROUPS. Light 1 (A1) will be Group 1, etc.

Make sure the light setup in the M1 is set for serial expander and checked the SHOW bit.

Make sure you have gone through the enrollment of the serial expander using menu 1 of installer programming.

When transferring the data from the primary controller to the M1XZW secondary controller, push the enroll button the the M1XZW. The led will come on solid. Tell the primary controller to transfer the data.

You should be able to control the light from the keypad's light control screen.

BTW: Next software upgrade will allow you to dim from the keypad light control screen.

Thanks for the help!

Since I have no groups assigned to my Z-Wave devices (didn't see any need to) it turns out that my first Z-Wave device is actually an Elk Lighting Device # 97 (Z-Wave Node #1). If I count up from there then I can control all of the lights (on/off). This will work fine for the limited amount of devices I have now.

Now that that is out of the way, is there any way to receive Z-Wave notifications? I have two ZW motion sensors and they are correctly sensed and acted upon by my HomeSeer software but I cannot see how to receive any notifications on the Elk from those same devices.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.