Elk M1G quick arm areas - wish list


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It would be handy if Elk would implement a quick partition arm feature like...

enter user code
*1 arm part 1 - away, stay if no sensor trip
*2 arm part 2

My wife was very happy with the Caddx system, and is having a hard time warming up to the M1G.
You can write a Rule that WHENEVER Area 1 is armed then autoarm area 2. Another Rule can disarm Area 2 when Area 1 is disarmed if desired.
Thanks Spanky - I'm aware of that.

Our situation is a home and two detached buildings. It's quite common to disarm the home in the morning and leave the detached buildings armed - perhaps all day.

I'll probably have to settle for arming all buildings anytime area 1 is armed, and disarm separately.
In the new M1 4.4.2 and later software there is a function key option to go directly to the area arming screen so that you can arm and disarm any area from any keypad. May be that is what you are asking for.
Thanks Spanky. I'm waiting for the reports of problems with the UG to settle down before trying it myself :lol:
There may be away around what you want to do if you are creative with the rules. Depending on what user code disarms the system you can have a rule to disarm the house or all 3 buildings. So if you write a rule and use a unique user code for disarming all it should work (I think). You may have to experiment a little.

There is very little you cant do with the system.
M1 software upgrade 4.4.4 is coming out Friday, Sept. 8th. You can download it from the m1dealer.elkproducts.com site.

There is a new version of ELKRP software also available that has the capability to enable and disable RULES. Nice Touch!