ELK M1G & Russound CAA66

Has anyone sucessfully made their Elk M1Gold control a Russound multi-room controller?

I'm not too savvy on the Rnet protocol and am not sure whether the M1XSP can pass HEX to my Russound CAA66 controller. Can anyone offer any help or advice?
Is the CAA 6.6 an "RNET" Device?

Russound does not list it as an RNET device, but AFAIK HAI and Main Lobby can control the CAA 6.6 so there must be a way. I was under the impression ELK was only going to support the CAV and CAM.

Spanky or Chris, any clarification on this?
"RNET" really refers to the protocol that Russound developed for some of their gear (CAV6.6, CAM6.6, SMS3 Media Server & ST2 Tuners) to communicate directly with each other.

Elk will connect and control the Russound controllers via the RS-232 port using the published serial protocol for control. All the Russound CA series controllers (CAV, CAM, CAA, CAS) support the same serial protocol, but the lower-end systems simply do not provide all the features that the CAV does.

My guess is that the Elk will be able to control all of these, but some of the commands simply won't work as the features aren't available on all the systems.

I'm attaching a PDF that shows a comparison of the available serial controlled features on the different models...



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