ELK M1G strange problem


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My current configuration as follows:


Control Panel: 3.1.10, 4.3.12

Keypad: 3.0.14, 2.1.44

ElkRP: 1.6.8

I also have the M1XVOR board installed previously to fire a rule to open/close my garage door.

Strange problem that I obserse after I performed keypad boot and firmware are as follows:

If I disarm the system DURING the exit delay then it WILL activate my output 17(M1XVOR) garage door for no reason.

However, if I disarm the system AFTER the exit delay expired then NO PROBLEM whatsover.

I'd like to go back to previous version 3.0.1, 2.1.40 for the keypad to verify it but don't have access to it or whether it can be done.

Make sure you do not have any Rules triggering the output.

We are out of town until Friday. Call ELK Technical for help. 800-797-9355.

I have rules triggering the output 17 and it works great PRIOR to upgrade.

Also, I posted a previous message regarding M1 panel upgrade and received an error message "flash memory error" at the 58% completion point. I had to send in the board for repair/replace.