ELK M1G x10 Interface compatibility


I am on the verge of purchasing an ELK M1G to replace my existing home control solution. I am currently using a W800RF32A interface for wireless comms to X10 devices and a LynX-10 PLC for wired communication to X10 devices. Does anyone know if the M1G will support either of these interfaces?

I read in the Elk forum (back in september) that the w800RF interface had been written and would be released soon. Does anyone know what the release date may be for this firmware?

I was hoping to use the Lynx10PLC via the on-board lighting interface connector (J5). The J5 connector states that is will support a PSC05 or equivalent, but I don't know if the Lynx10PLC will qualify. Has anyone successfully used a Lynx10PLC with the M1G?

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

You are in luck. The latest software upgrade for the M1XSP Serial Port Expander was released today and it supports the W800.

Currently there is no support for the Lynx10PLC but I think those functions can be reproduced on the M1.
Thanks Sparky! Thats great news. I will probably go ahead and place my order for the M1 this weekend. I may just go ahead and purchase a PSC05 if I cannot use the Lynx10PLC. I just want to use something to get me by until I upgrade my light control system to something more robust.

Once more thing, can the J5 interface be used for anything other than lighting control with a PSC05 or compatible? I assume it would be hardcoded for the PSC05 light control, but was wondering if it could be used with other devices (thermostat, customer, etc) like an M1XSP?

thanks again,