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I'd like to hook up a System Sensor Strobe light to the M1G and write a rule such as

Whenever any alarm
Then turn on output 3

Whenever system becomes disarm
Then turn off output 3

My question is since this is a high intensity strobe light don't I need a separate power supply. Please let me know what other relay boards or parts if needed to make it functional and also tell me the exact hook-up. My knowledge regarding relays are limited.

FYI, currently I do have a separate power supply powering my motion detectors, glass breaks and other things because I have a lot of them so power the strobe won't be a problem.
Check the current rating on the strobe. Look at the current drain that the M1 has now using User Menu 8,6,2. Add the two values and it should be around 1 amp or less which will leave enough reserve for alarm. If the constant current exceeds that use your separate power supply. Of course using the separate power supply anyway will not hurt anything.

You may consider in the Rule to turn off the output after some period of time say 6 to 15 hours. This will help preserve the life of the strobe since they do have a finite life.

What about the actual hookup

Strobe positive(+) to M1 Output 3 terminal ???
Strobe negative (-) to M1 Output 3 terminal ???

Please specify the actual connections if I use separate power supply.
Take a look at THIS. Assuming you are using your external power supply, I believe you would follow the directions for the High Current Bell or Siren on bottom right. The +Alarm output can be ANY of the Elk outputs as it will just be used for a trigger.

THEN TURN ON Output X for Y time (so it shuts off as Spanky said above)

and then the corresponding off...