Elk M1Gold with Doorbell ELK-930


Hey guys....I was trying to interface my doorbell with my new Elk M1Gold

I know that the Doorbell can be configured as a NO switch....when pressed it completes the circuit and bingo.

However I have a lit doorbell button....So I was thinking I could conneck a ELK-930 to the transformer in series and then use the Output to connect to the elk's input however when taking measurments with a multimeter on the output side I only see a very small amount of DC voltage in the range of maybe 0.3 volts.....there does not seem to be any connectivity beween the terminals making a NO or NC circuit....and the resistance is above my scale looking like a infinate HIGH Z circuit (or no connectivity).

The instructions state that when the doorbell is pressed it should make a high to low switching (pull to ground) for activation in automation equipment.

Anybody using one of these?


Connect the output of the 930 to the zone input terminal. You will also have to connect the negative of the 930 to a negative terminal on the M1. Configure the zone as a normally open zone. Maybe a "Do Nothing Zone Type".

Follow the instructions on connecting the input to the 930. It should basically go in series with the door bell button and the door bell transformer. The light will still illuminate.

When you press the doorbell button, the voltage at the zone input terminal on the M1 should go from 13 Volts to near 0 volts, violating the zone input.

Write a Rule to do something like say a message:

Whenever The DoorBell Zone (Zone X) becomes not secure
THEN Say Message "Miscellaneous 1"

Program voice message "Miscellaneous 1" to say something like "Visitor At The Front Door".

Maybe if the security system is armed say "Go Away". My favorite is to turn on the sprinklers.

Just have fun with the M1!!
Spanky....Let me see if I have this right....

The Output of the ELK-930 should go to an input on the ELK M1G say Z9....The Neg of the ELK-930 should be connected to the 12VDC on the bottom left corner of the ELK M1G the same location that a motion or strobe would be connected?

or should the neg of the ELK-930 get connected to the NEG post of the particular zone that is being monitored say Z9(NEG) again?

I think I have this figured out I simply connected the output and the neg to Zone 9. Im not too sure why this works the way it does though.....

The simple magnetic switches for doors/windows are easy to troubleshoot....when a NC or NO loop is connected to a continuity meter they show connected or not connected depending on what type of loop it is and the status of the door/window.

Any ideas as to how this cirucit works?


The output of the 930 is an open collector transistor. When the door bell rings, the transistor shorts the zone input 9 to negative just like a switch closing. The only difference is it uses a transistor instead of the contacts of a switch.
I would like to interface my M1 gold with the doorbell of my M&S Systems intercom. Anybody have experience or ideas on how to do that?