ELK-M1KPAS keypad - dream come true?


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I'd been struggling with how to handle my outbuilding (split into a home office and workshop). Since elk keypads can only be assigned to one zone, this either meant giving up on 2/3 seperate zones and living with it only being armed with the house, or buying 1 or 2 additional main keypads to get them...

This appears to be my dream come true..

Spanky, any estimated release date or MSRP available? Assuming this would only be linked to one zone right? Would be cool if i could arm/disarm from the zone it handles and from the house - guess i could just have 1 keypad in each location (same zone for that)

thz in advance
The M1KP and the M1KP2 keypads are assigned to control one of eight areas in normal operation, but any keypad in any area can control any other area.

Make the keypad display the Area Name in the Keypad setup options. This enables user menu 0, which allows you to arm/disarm any other area and make the keypad become operational in any of the other areas. This way you have full control of the entire estate from any keypad as long as your user code has been programmed to have access to these other areas. The user code options are setup in installer programming.

The ELK TS-07 Touchscreen has similiar capability of becoming operational in any area.

Zones are assigned to only one area of the eight available. You can assign any zone to any area and the keypad will control all the zones in that area.

If your home keypad is area 1 and your office is area 2, program one of the "F" keys backlight in area 1 to display the arm status or alarm status of area 2 or vice versa. A lot of options you can do here.

Hope this answers your question.

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I am a dunce... thank you thank you ... i haved read the manual or thought i did several times, not sure how i missed menu 0... (sorry for misuse of zone vs area as well - i reallly did know that) :)

anyway - excellent...

However, doing that everynight and morning on way in/out to the office might get old after a while (i'd do it from same control next to the main house garage which is the one we use for exiting normally on main area and that's where i would need to disarm the house if i arm it during daylight hours - i come back a lot for food during the day)...

So back to these new keypads you have coming out - if i can just put one/two of those next to my rear french doors headed out to the office (or in a whether proof box on the exterior wall of the outbuilding itself), i think this would be even more convienent.

If you are referring to the M1KPAS Arming Station, that is what they were designed for as a convenient keypad for arming/disarming but not requiring a full keypad functionality. Since they are status LED only, they do not have the Menu 0 capability.