ELK-M1TWI and an M1RB?


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I have an M1RB installed into my panel and I just purchased an TWI. Seeing as the TWI uses outputs 7,8,9 automatically from J16 in the M1, I'm assuming the RB is still okay, I just can't use 1 relay (output 9) on it (since outputs 7,8 appear to be passed thru anyways).

Is that correct?

So can I just cut the tan, Pink, and grey wires out of the J16 harness and connect them to the TWI? What's the best practice for this?

Thanks for the help. This system is awesome!
That will be OK. Cut the output wires from the Relay Board and connect them to the TWI. The TWI requires Outputs 7,8,9 to operate which means you cannot use them for anything else.