ELK M1XSP Enrollment

I am having trouble getting the M1XSP to enroll. Here is my setup:

Elk M1 Gold working
Elk M1XEP - working
Elk databus hub - working , Keypad 1 in J1, M1XSP in J2, databus terminator in J3
no termination on the XSP.

I have a solid light on the XSP when I power the M1, so it is getting power.

Running the enrollment process (either through the Keypad or ElkRP) only recognizes the keypad.

Anything else I should check to get this to enroll?
Not sure if you have to do this with a databus hub, but did you select the 'id' of the XSP using a jumper? I believe it is set to 1 by default, which means it might conflict with your keypad.
I think you need the terminator on the XSP. Not sure is the data bus hub (RJ45) is different from the retrofit hub, but XSP and M1 are both terminated.
This may help. Here is a schematic of how I connected my data base hub to some keypads and zone expanders.


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The data bus hub that I have is the ELK-M1DBH (RJ45)

I tried it using address 1 and 2, but still no success.

I wired it to the XSP (12v, A, B, Neg) using the same RJ45 color codes as described in the DBH instructions.

I then swaped dbh ports between the keypad and xsp, which allowed both to enroll. I guess this tells me that the keypad was terminated (not continuing the bus)

Now I need to figure out how to un-terminate the keypad. (The hub does the termination.

Make sense?
I thought the point of the datahub was that you didn't have to terminate anything?
That is my understanding now. In fact, it looks like you CAN'T terminate anything or devices downstream get cut off. The hub seems to daisychain the devices until it hits the first terminator which becomes the end of the chain.
I believe you are on the right track with the terminators (made the mistake once adding an expansion module on a bench where the termination was on the previous device and it didnt work). Its easy to overlook if you are not used to using a RS-485 line (or just not thinking at the moment like in my case). The termination goes on or after the last device in the loop. Should be easy enough to experiemnt with.

Good Luck.
Isnt that why they have instructions???? I used to rad them for a living. Now I throw them out and worry about it later. ;)
Digger said:
Isnt that why they have instructions???? I used to rad them for a living. Now I throw them out and worry about it later. ;)
You are absolutely right. I was going off my knowledge of the DBHR. The difference is the DBH (RJ45) serial connects the branches and terminates at the hub whereas the DBHR splits the bus into separate managed branches where you terminate the end device. Sorry for my confusing comment above.
Yes, the DBH (RJ45) connects each branch in serial. The A, B connections have return wires that keep the data stream going, and termination is done at the last unused port on the hub.

Reading the instructions is good. Now on to my next dumb question ;)