Elk Molex Connectors


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Does anyone know of a source for the molex type connectors for the M1G, hopefully with part numbers?

I would like to replace the stock wiring harnesses W035A and Ouput 7-16 harness, etc. and just add connectors, remove all the splicing/B connectors and just go straight in with my patches and cables.
Here is the 12 position connector supplied by ELK with the M1:Jiuh Shiuh connector

You can find a suitable Molex replacement for that connector at Mouser electronics:
Molex KK 12 position 0.1"

Don't forget to buy the pins:
Select gold plated pins

Finally, be sure that you have a crimper capable of crimping these small terminals. I've tried pliers alone and was not satisfied with the quality of the connection. I ended up buying the appropriate crimp die for my Ideal crimp frame.

Good luck and post pictures when you are done.
Thanks. I have the hardest time navigating those electronic parts websites and figuring out what connector is correct. I placed an order with mouser, I will update this thread and let you know how it works out...