Elk - Multiple Batteries


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Ok, this should be a slow pitch for you guys....

I have seen from previous posts that you can connect multiple batteries to the M1G to increase uptime. Would these be connected in parallel?


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yes, provided you do not exceed the M1s charging ability. If you want to add too many batteries, then you will need a separate charger system for them.


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Looks like it works with batteries from 7 to 18 Ah. What happens if you exceed 18 Ah, is it not able to recharge the batteries?


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I think that if you deep discharge a battery larger than 18 aH it would not be able to recharge it.

Spanky will probably jump in and confirm or correct me on this.

You technically should use supplemental power supplies with their own battery backup if you start to exceed the ratings of the panel. If UL is a concern the ratings are even less.