Elk not seeing Z-Wave Motion Sensors


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Hi All,

I finally got my Elk Z-Wave interface to turn my lights on and off (thanks Spanky!) but am looking to write some rules to allow events to happen when my Z-Wave motion sensors detect motion. How do I write a rule to "see" the motion sensing and turn on a light for instance?

Thanks in advance!
Our good friends at Lutron holds a patent that prevents Zwave from sending unsolicited signals to secondary controllers like the M1. If the M1 originates the signal there is feedback and the M1 can trigger a rule. Same problem is in Zwave light switches trying to send signals back to the M1 or any other controller.

Leviton was showing at the EHX show a new line of Zwave switches that are controllers and should be able to send unsolicited signals.

Thanks for the info but my experience contradicts this notion.

I currently have HomeSeer software running on a HTPC with a USB Z-Wave interface. I am slowly moving all of the events to the M1G control panel as I get more familiar with Rules programming.

The HomeSeer software currently recognises all of the motion sensors when they change state. The HomeSeer didn't "ask" the motion sensors to report a change, it just responds when it happens. The Z-wave motion sensors appear as any other X-10 device and just send motion sensing changes to whoever (or whatever) may be listening.

In this regard I would expect the M1G to recognise the motion sensors as a Binary device and respond accordingly. Do you agree?

Thanks for the info. Will check into the operation.

M1XZW Zwave module is on the list to have a software upgrade in the future.

The patent you are thinking of only covers light switches, not motion sensors.

Curious though how Intermatic and Leviton are getting around this with their new lines of switches coming out that are supposed to be 2-way status...