Elk on the way... How do I....


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Well with the generosity of AO to us cocooners. ;) I decided it was time to move up and get an elk. I hope it shipped today as I am excited to get it installed and play around with it and it's features....

This is my first installment in the how do I thread. I know there will be more to come when I start getting it installed!!!!

How do you call into the system when you have an outside voicemail service?
ex. bundled with VONAGE? I can't right?
You can optionally set it up so that if you call home and hang up after the first ring, then immediately (within 30 secs, I believe) call back, it will then pick up after the first ring or two (before your VM picks up).
exactly what I was looking for, I was thinking I might beable to do it with a rule or something but glad it is built in.