ELK-P212S Problem


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Hi All

I seem to have an ELK P212S power supply problem (since inception), and since it is a bit difficult(and costly) to exchange, I'm wondering if someone can help.

With AC connected / on : none, everything seems to be working fine. No low battery alarms or anything.
With AC Off : system fails in total.

I have done the following tests :
1) With AC on, there is 13.6V going to the 2 x AUX outputs, but NO DC voltage going to the Battery terminals.
2) With AC off, and a fully recharged battery connected, there is NO DC voltage going from the Battery terminals to the AUX output Terminals.

Conclusion, it seems as the unit works fine, but the Battery terminals are totally disconnected.
- I only realized something was wrong, when I had an AC power failure, and this portion of the alarm failed on the main M1G board (Lost of comms / alarms etc.)

I have not been getting any low battery alarms, so I don't know how this part works,
ie, how does the system test for low battery voltage, if the battery isn't even connected (It is connected, but as per points 1 and 2, doesn't seem to be)

I have also not gone too deep into the electronics, to see if the AC/DC switch works properly etc, and was hoping someone with a cct diagram can point me in the correct direction on what further I can test.

I do have another P212S, which works perfectly (or as it should/expected)

Sounds like a bad charging circuit. The AC inverter/rectifier is working, since you're getting 12 VDC nominal out with AC connected.

I'd call the board DOA, barring any configuration issues with jumpers, etc. (Can't remember what the 212S has off the top of my head, but know of the "smart/dumb" settings).