Elk power distribution example


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Hi, I could not find a wiring example for using relays and external power with the Elk M1. I know its probably obvious, but does this picture seem to work? I am using it at first to drive strobes doing different functions through rules. Could be cameras too.

Look at the pdf at http://jay.johnston.name

Just tried it again, this time from a different computer, and seemed to work fine. You do need to have a pdf reader though.

Thanks for trying.
The only thing I would consider is using a 12 volt power source with a battery backup.

In my friend's install I used an Elk power supply that came with a battery and circuit board (charged plus reverse polarity protection) then used power distribution modules. Much the same concept as your Honeywell units, except for the battery backup. Does the power supply you specified offer protection against direct shorts?

I don't know the current limitation on the relay's of the expansion board, but as long as you are under it, I think you are fine.