ELK Products, Inc. announces the release of the ELK M1XRFG2 Wireless Receiver for the M1 and EZ8 Sec


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The ELK-M1XRF2G is a Wireless (RF) Receiver and Input Expander for use with the ELK-M1 and ELK-M1EZ8 Controls. The receiver connects to the four (4) wire data (keypad) bus of the control and integrates in much the same way as a M1XIN hardware zone expander except that a single M1XRF can handle up to 144 wireless zones (e.g. transmitter sensors or points).

The benefits of operating from the data bus are:
1) A receiver can be installed virtually anywhere in the building for convenience and optimum coverage.
2) Multiple receivers (up to 11 total) can be connected to a single control for ultimate range and/or coverage redundancy.

The major benefit of having multiple M1XRF2G receivers is that hundreds if not thousands of square feet can now be covered by strategically placing each receiver in a different geographic location.

The M1XRF2G receiver uses Crystal frequency technology and is a dual (2) antenna, phase diversity design capable of long range wireless coverage.


For additional information goto: http://www.elkproducts.com/products/m1/M1XRF.htm