Elk Prox Reader Raising Keypad Temperature


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Wanted to report something.

Since adding the new ELK-M1PR to one of my keypads I noticed the temperature it reports at the keypad is 3-4 oC higher than my other keypad. When the remove the reader, which feels a little warm, the keypad temperature goes back to what I'd expect based on the house ambient temperature, and the other keypad. I've done this a couple times now and get consistent results.

Is the prox reader located close to the temperature sensor on the keypad board?

Could the heat from that component be skewing the results that much?
This is normal and documented in the instructions.

TEMPERATURE READING ADJUSTMENT If the Keypad internal temperature sensor appears to read higher or lower than other room
thermostats/thermometers, it may be due to the Keypad mounting location, the room conditions, or the installation of a optional Mini
Prox Reader (ELK-M1PR). The Keypad has an adjustment procedure which allows compensation for these conditions.
1. Press and hold the " * " key, followed by the F5 key . HOLD BOTH keys pressed for 5-10 seconds or until the LCD displays
Exit when done. F1 Set Addr. (This is Keypad setup mode)
NOTE: This mode may also be accessed by removing power from the keypad (unplugging the data bus cable) and then
applying power while holding any key pressed.
2. Press the F2 key and the LCD will display: Temperature Degrees F = XX.X (This is the current temperature)
3. Use the UP or DOWN arrow keys to adjust the current temperature display until it approximates the desired setting. Each press of
the arrow keys changes the setting by approximately 3 tenths of a degree (00.3) It may not be possible to end up exactly on an even
temperature setting.
4. Press the Exit key twice do return back to the regular operation mode.
Yes, the Prox Reader does generate some heat. The temperature sensor in the M1 Keypad is located at the bottom of the keypad, but the inside housing temperature still goes up by a few degrees.

You can recalibrate the keypad temperature by:

Hold the * and F5 key until the LCD screen changes.
Press the F2 key to goto temperature sensor calibration.
Use the up and down arrow keys to set the proper temperature.
Press the EXIT key to return to normal operation.