Elk Relay as Speaker Switch?


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Here is the notion: I have 4 relays available on my Elk M1RB relay board.

I also have two rooms; each room has 4 speakers. My very old amp only has LF/LR, RF/RR speaker connections. I am thinking that I can use these 4 relays to act as a "room speaker selector". This is how I think I can do it.

In the first room I would connect the negative lead from each speaker to a respective relay (13, 14, 15, 16). In the second room I would also connect the negative lead to the same set of relays (keeping the LF/LR and RF/RR methodology the same). I would then tie in the posative leads from one room to the "NO" terminals, and tie in the posative leads from the other room to the "NC" terminals of the relays (again taking care to preserve the LR/LR RF/RR orientation).

If I have the relays ALL OFF, one room should be connected, and when I turn them ALL ON, the other room would then be connected (the rooms would be connected mutually exclusive).

This should work...Right?????
I am not getting it. Where are you connecting the AMP?

Wouldn't you connect the relay only to + or - only? i.e. Connect LFRm1(-) to NO and LF Rm2(-) to NC and Common to AMP LF(-). Then tie your AMP LF(+), LFRm1(+) and LFRm2(+) together. So you are only switching the Neg(-).