Elk RF: Caddx vs. W800


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Is there any compelling reason to use the Caddx wireless expander and Caddx RF devices over the W800RF and the X-10 Security motion sensors, keyfobs, etc?

The X-10 stuff is cheaper. I hear the X-10 Security products are more reliable than the Hawkeyes.

I'm thinking about applications such as occupancy detection and motion-aware lighting.

I already have a security system for windows and doors (GE Concord, not my choice) and would likely just add to that for my alarm needs (although I would consider adding zones that are actually controlled by the M1, but would need to check w/monitoring co. and insurance).
<IMO>If this is for security purposes, then I would select the GE wireless product line. The W800RF is very reliable, as are most of the X10 RF products, but you won't be notified when the battery is low, or if there are problems with the device. If your primary usage will be home automation, then the W800RF would probably be the better choice.</IMO>
Notice that each sensor in the Caddx is registered as a Zone. There are already a lot of programming in the M1 around zones (like supervisory functions, Description, Voice, Chime). If you use the the W800 you will have to use a lot of memory for rules to duplicate these functions.

As electron says, for security, Caddx is a better alternative.