Elk RJ questions


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Hey guys. Got all my Elk telco/RJ31 wiring done, 2 questions:

1) How am I supposed to run the DSL wiring? As soon as I turn on the Elk, my DSL dies. As soon as I turn it off, my DSL comes back up. Right now it's setup for telco->Elk->distro(incl DSL port). Should I put it with telco->Elk&DSL->distro?

2) How do I test the line seizure on alarm? I tried arming it, waiting until it entered arm away mode, then violating, but I could still pick up the phone and hear a dial tone.

I'm not clear on what you mean by distro, but this is what I got working:

Both of those posts were perfect, spot on, huge thanks for the quick response.

I ran it telco->Elk->Phones+DSL. Looks that, well, that was just plain wrong.

Ok, back to the basement.