ELK RM and touchscreen

We have connected a very similiar Touchscreen to a small PC running ELKRM and it works very good.

To clarify: This is an 8 inch monitor that will use the VGA monitor output on a PC and has a touch overlay that will connect to a PC using a USB port for the touch input. This is NOT a standalone Touchscreen with computer inside.
with a VGA cable that you can extended if you need,also in this particular model you dont need to run a separate usb cable for the touch screen.,my plan is to put one in the kitchen and other in the bed.
I don't know how you define 'performance' but it says the res is 640x480 but the Lilliputs (depending on the model) are 800x600, 800x480 or better (1024). Contrast seems a hair better on the Lilliput too. Brightness is slightly better on this other one. I don't think you would probably notice those things but the resolution imho is a biggie - I know I would not buy something only capable of 640x480.
steve,i'm not an expert that's why i ask here first,you opinion are very valuable for me,what lilliput model you recomend me to buy
I actually don't have a Lilliput, I just read about them and know they are pretty popular. www.mp3car.com has alot of info on them as they are used alot in cars. Others here can probably give you more personal experience. But personally, I prefer a 'standard' size like 800x600 over 800x480.
i made a search in mp3car for those screen and look like lilliput have some bad record in broken units and some guys suggest the XENARC 700TS over the lilliput i'm confusing in what to buy.any suggestion please?
The Xenarcs are the top of the line units, and they seem to be more durable. I had a 700TS myself, and I never had any issues. The Lilliputs aren't bad either, but it's easy to ruin them (i.e., by taking them apart), and I believe some people even reported seeing some jurassic park logo burnt into the screen.