ELK RM Wont Disarm


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I finally got a chance to load ELK RM on a tablet and updated it to the latest version. Using the RM it always wants to "ARM AWAY" and when I enter the code to disarm it looses communication with the panel.

Has anyone else seen this?
What kind of tablet are you using and what operating system?

Make sure the code you are using has been enabled to disarm.

Make sure the Globals 35 to 40 are enabled.

Digger you know all this stuff already!!
The things you forget when you work for the competition.....................

Its a Fujitsu 3500 with Windows XP and I used my regular code. I will double check Global Settings...................

I have not played with my M1 in a few months. I have been working on Sage TV and a few non related projects (Honey do list etc)

Edit: Globals are enabled.
Whenever I try and disarm through the RM it loses communication with the panel. It takes a few retrys to reconnect.

Also when I used F6 it repeated the command a few times and then lost communication. I might have double tapped the button on the touchscreen.

Globals are set correctly, its the latest and greatest RM, and I am running windows xp home edition.

Any ideas?