Elk RP and Vista

I work in the computer industry and dread the calls I'm going to be getting from Aunts, Uncles, brothers, sisters and friends who have 5-year-old computers and just bought Vista.

Why is it that every time Microsoft rings Pavlov's bell the idiots come running with hungry eyes only to be greatly disappointed when they get this over-bloated train wreck home and (partially) installed?

Most people don't realize that even the highest-end gaming rigs out there today have a hard time taking advantage of all of the "bells and whistles". How about 35% CPU utilization while your doing absolutely nothing? Yep, thanks "Aero-Glass".

Jeez, what some people won't do to be first on the block. Humanity disappoints me sometimes ;)
We are looking into this can of worms.

You would think Vista would be backward compatible.
Spanky said:
You would think Vista would be backward compatible.
It is, to a point. Anything that was XP certified should work with Vista. But many things were not XP certified, such as smaller apps like RP. For fun go read about Intuit's QuickBooks and the Vista issues they have. This is all due to QuickBooks cheating and never being XP certified.
I am testing Vista out and have not had any issues with RP yet. What kinds of issues are you seeing?
I definelty don't have 35% CPU on idle. I have the Sidebar going and it takes 8-10%. Vista is way faster than xp pro was for everything. I am happy with it.
So I wonder why Martin's RP experience is better than dbinaz's? Spanky, can you shed some light on this?


(If Vista is anything like the OSes that preceded it, performance will vary considerably based on available RAM and video hardware. MS has been pretty good about warning customers that Vista requires substantially more resources from the start.

When I hear someone say that Vista is faster, I suspect what I'm really hearing is that 1) my new computer is bigger/better/faster than my old one; 2) XP didn't fully support my cutting-edge hardware, but Vista does; and 3) My computer runs faster now that I don't run processor-intensive 3rd party virus scanning software. Vista is a losing proposition for anyone just wanting better performance from legacy hardware.)
Even if Vista was the get-all, beat-all of the year, I would at least wait until Service Pack 1 before getting on the bandwagon. Did we all forget the huge issues MS had with XP prior to SP2?

I honestly think Vista will be the IBM OS/2 of this decade. Big on promises but demanding too much of the users. Why go out and buy 30gb of RAM and 5 TB of hard drive space to do what we can already do on XP?

Any time you have to upgrade the hardware to support the OS, without any increase in productivity, tells me something is seriously wrong. I don't think IT departments across the world are going to be throwing out multi-million $$$ investments in infrastructure so their employees can "oohhh" and "aahhh" over Aero-Glass :D
I think you're be a tad over-dramatic. I didn't have to change anything. I agree that corps. may not go for the "bling", but there is a lot of other usefulness to it as far as security and user access control.

I like change and having this for what, 7 years or something was getting boring. I have no regrets. Not like I don't have other computers I can use for RP, but this is my main one.
I am running it on 64bit Vista and think I did see a window pop up once indicating that there was a compatibility issue, but everything seemed to be working properly.