ELK-RP software


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I need help obtaining the ElkRP 1.6.10 software. Basically, I just purchased a whole Elk M1 Gold setup, multiple keypads, ethernet, Insteon, but to get the programming software you have to register on the Elk website to download.

This weekend I was supposed to do my bench testing, but Elk is closed so I can't download the free software. I wish they had just included a CD.

Can anyone help me obtain a copy of this free software for use this weekend so I can get started with my Elk?

Thanks, feel free to send me a private message.
Thank you everyone for your help. I now have the software and can begin my bench install. You guys are great!
It is after hours and I need the software for the Elk M1 Gold.  I just registered with Elk and it says that I may have to wait a few days. 
Can anyone help me find the ELK RP Software?