Elk Rules for Zone Changes


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Let me preface this by saying i'm not trying to turn this into another "Spanky, please allow OR/AND NOT logic" thread :blink:

First, i have main house and an outbuilding with my office/workshop in it. Main purpose of the rules i'm shooting for is to alert me when wife/kids are coming/going... I have limited direct visibility to the rear of the house from the office. I currently don't rely on arming much at all. I rely on the shime and my firearms for real security (though i do intend to step this up a little when we're all gone).

I currently have a rule that looks like:

whenever front door
and m-F
and > 8am
and < 5pm
send email message 2 to [email protected]

1) it only works with one zone at a time
2) email messages (unless i'm missing something) don't appear to allow dynamic text so show specific zones
3) it really doesn't tell me who is coming in going. If wife leaves and burglar breaks in - i don't really know that

1) Is my only option if i wish to expand this to create a rule for each possible zone i want a status for? I don't see an "any zone" and probably wouldn't want to include windows... Just entry/exit. Still about 10 total, that's a lot of duplication/rule space...

2) My other option would be to ask the mrs. to arm in away mode when she leaves, disarm when coming home (or auto arm when garage door closes and vehicle leaves on a weekday). The downside is that i am i/out of the house all day for food, etc. So maybe i could use STAY mode and set one exterior door to bypass for my entry? Or add a keypad in the office (and maybe the garage)...

3) Also - for anyone else in a remote/outbuilding setup, i just dropped some 18/8 wire to the building. I need 3 conductors for sprinklers, so have 5 left. Does anyone use the elk for remote doorbell signalling? If so, what's your setup? Anything else you would recommend having in a day useonly detached office- LED indicators for some sort of status?

anyway - all recommendations appreciated
FYI - i know that ELK-930 may be my best bet for doorbell... Guess bigger question in regards to #3 is after i link to an input, what to do with the relays?

I guess could buy a completely seperate doorbell unit with two bells (in the outbuilding) and trigger via one of the relays over the long run of wire to the outbuilding

anyway - all recommendations appreciated

How about a remote speaker....takes only two conductors. Then create rules to announce whatever you want, whenever you want.

If you decide to have announcements only for the office, use a relay to switch in/out the new remote speaker.
i do like that idea... only downsides are:

1) it doesn't get me the same level of detail remotely (i.e. via cell/email if i'm away) - guessi could just fire general burgler based rule for that though
2) i'm on a lot of conference calls during the day... Even if it's low level, when i'm using speaker phone (almost always) it would probably get distracting

If speakers disturb telephone calls, you might consider a light or strobe light. No sound, but it will get your attention.

The ELK-930 triggers an open collector transistor output when the door bell button is pressed. A relay can be connected to the open collector transistor output to do whatever you want. As long as the door bell button is pressed the output is active.
Thx everyone...

I will try that strobe idea and see just how bright it is in daylight.. if too distracting, maybe i'll build a small traffic light for my desk ;) I sence another output/relay board purchase in the future to handle my outbuilding/monitoring needs...


My situation is similar to yours. We live in the country and like to know when someone arrives - like UPS and FedEx. I use a Cartell drive sensor and Optex wireless motions for the doors. The thing is I'm not satisfied knowing someone/something is here - I want to know "who/what it is". I use CCTV cameras and modulate them to their own TV channels. My office is in our walkout basement and I can watch any of the cameras from that location. I find it works great. May require some more wire, but well worthit in my opinion.