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I recently purchased an M1Gold Kit along with the elk-rm software. I recieved it yesterday and did the basic hardware install. I went to the site to register my hardware (and create an account). It told me that my info would be evaluated. I tried using the Elk-RM software, but it needs a newer .bin image to comunicate with my M1Gold. Elk apparently does not work weekends so I am trying to find another way to obtain the firmware / updates. I have contacted SmartHome, and Worthing Distribution which I have reseller agreements with, SmartHome said "wish we could help, bye", and Worthing has not responded at all. Does anyone know of any other way to get the firmware updates?

My M1G is as the current versions (I need this or below to have ELK-RM manage my M1G):
Boot Version 3.1.15 (I don't think I need this)
Firmware Version 4.3.12 (This is the one RM is complaining about)
Voice List version 0.8

When I verify Firmware I get the following conflicts:

Software Version M1G control Version
M1Gold_4.2.4.bin fw 4.3.12 hw 0.11 bw 3.1.15

Software Version Keypad version
M1KP_2.1.23.bin fw 2.1.40 hw 0.10 bw 3.0.6

I am guessing I need (at least) file names:


If anyone can tell me an alternate method to get these I would really appreciate it. I am trying to be done with this before the end of weekend.

thanks in advance,
If you have ELKRM running, click the M1 Logo, Comm, then Update. The latest version of ELKRM will be loaded and should run with 4.3.12 version of M1. You can find ELKRM HERE..

If you do not have a license key it will run in DEMO mode with limited features available.