Elk speaker in back box


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Here is something that needs to be in the public domain:

This is the ELK-SP12F speaker that fits in the back box for the ELK-M1KP2 keypad

I used 4 #4 x 1/4" screws to mount the speaker in the back box. Plus I had to trim the speaker opening a little.

And here are a couple of photos showing the back box and the speaker in the back box.


I have done the same thing and it works great. Volume is quite loud even with the keypad in place. Spanky had confirmed that this speaker would work with the recess box. All that is required is breaking off the plastic tabs that hold the speaker in the housing that it comes in.
In our office we have a M1KP2 with the SP12F speaker behind it. The speaker connects to one channel of the Russound CAV6.6. For office background music, it sounds OK and is plenty loud.

We have considered offering the SP12F speaker without the single gang plate, but the price difference does not justify another stocking item. Take the SP12F speaker out of the plastic plate by clipping the plastic bosses with cutting pliers.

As we continue to test the speaker, the 32 ohm coil makes the speaker extremely hard to blow out as compared to an 8 ohm speaker in the same package.

As we also have a CAV6.6 in our office, and 2 M1KP2 with SP12F, I sure would be intersted in Russound hookup you used.