Elk speaker/siren


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I'm going with an ELK speaker/siren. However, I'm not installing a smoke detector anymore. That means, I won't be buying an 18/4 fire wire anymore. However, I won't have any 18/4 wire for my speaker/siren. So, is it ok to use an 18/4 wire that is stranded?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hehe, read too many posts on the choices and said: screw it! buy a batch of wirelessly linked ones from home depot perhaps?
Digger said:
Curious as to why you are not going with smokes anymore
The builder told me that the smoke detectors and sprinkler systems along with the phone line that they are installing have a mechanism to contact the fire department in case their is a fire. I don't know how they're doing it. I will contact the fire marshall tomorrow. So, they told me that if I install my smoke detectors, it will be redundant.

In case the builder is wrong, I remember the fire marshall asking me how much power does our 18/4 smoke detector need? Is it 12v?
And yesterday, I was showing the layout to my wife. She was telling me why we need a heat sensor if we already have sprinkler system. I just said, hmmmm. ;)

EDIT: right now on our existing house, there is a smoke detector but not hooked to any security alarm system. It's weird because when wife cooks and the smell is strong, it alarms. That's why she is very worried that when she cooks in the new house, ELK might trigger a call to the fire department. How am I going to convince her that these smoke detectors will not do that? The food she cooks doesn't smoke though. LOL!