elk speaker/siren


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should the speaker/siren in second floor be in series to the other speaker/siren in first floor? Right now, my current diagram is using 2 dedicated 18/4 for them.

Please let me know guys.

Thanks! ;)
BraveSirRobbin said:
Need total and type you are using (wasn't clear in your post).
I'm sorry. I was saying about wiring. My current plan is to run a dedicated 18/4 wire from second floor speaker/siren location downto to the headend location. Also run another dedicate 18/4 wire to the headend location. I was hoping that I can use single 18/4 wire for both of the speaker/siren to save some 18/4 wire.

I didn't understand when you said "total".
I should have mentioned earlier ELK 73. I had an impression that when someone says elk speaker/siren, they were referrring to ELK-73. Never thought that there were many models. I've got to make myself busy at Elk's website then and do a lot of readings.
I would home run every speaker. This way they can be connected in series or parallel depending on your needs.
I agree. In addition, you could add some relays and also control them with the digital outputs.