Elk System Via PDA?

Is there a way for me to access and control my elk system via my pda both within my home wireless network, but also via my pda over the verizon network.

Thanks in advanced.

I'm doing it with HomeSeer (1.7.43) and MainLobby (2.86b). My carrier is Cingular, but the concept should be the same with Verizon.

Details HERE.
You will need a M1XEP Ethernet Module and one of the 3rd party programs that will run on a PDA.

If you have a 640 X 480 PDA screen ELKRM will work also. Electron had a thread about what he was doing on a PDA.
You can indeed run ElkRM on your PDA if you have VGA resolution. It looks really good, and if you can setup a vpn tunnel, then you don't have to worry about port forwarding. If you need help setting this up, let us know.