Elk TS07 Table Stand


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Finally got a moment to unbox the TS07 I bought in December and I am kind of surprised that the fit and finish of the in-wall back area is so good. This unit would not look bad sitting on a table if there was a stand to hold it at the right angle. Looks like one could be retro-fitted pretty easily to the holes available in the frame. Has anybody tried something like this?
I haven't tried it, but I had the same thought. I may try to put something together. I'll post pictures if I do.

The TS07 is supposed to have a compact flash slot. Have you located it? It must be "under the hood."

There is a CF slot on the main board, but you have to take it apart to get to it. That is where initial programming is performed, and the data is stored onto flash on the main board.
Hey Mike, I must have missed your announcement, I didn't know you were buying one of these. It's a great little unit, high quality, and very WAF friendly! I agree, a table stand shouldn't be too hard. If I had the time, I would design/build something, just to try it.

If you need help with anything, post away!
I will certainly need help but as usual I procure stuff way in advance of having time to use it. You will probably see a ton of questions in late March or early April.