Elk, UPB, RCS, Z-troller to Homeseer or ?


Finally getting around to wiring up my Elk and installing some of the sensors this weekend. I'm still a month or so away from any programming but was looking at what makes sense from a connection point of view and what to use to drive what:

Here's what I have (or will have this week):


Elk MiG
Databus Hub
Serial port expander
16 zone expander (upstairs)
Remote Power board (upstairs)
XEP Ethernet connection
Most rooms have motion sensors, all exterior doors (including all garage doors) have sensors.
Switched from the M1KP' to the M1NAV for the bedroom and front door, garage just has that decora insert basic keypad


Camera locations indoors: Garage, Family room, top of stair, basement bar, utility room
Camera locations outdoors: Porch, garage eve, kitchen patio door, rear 2nd floor eve

Have 4 interior Foscam PTZ's and one CNB done cam
Also have a 8 port PCI card

None of these are hooked up. Using a Foscam PTZ to watch my contractor working in the basement.

Not sure what software to use? Blue Iris? Vitamin D? Some Homeseer plug in? or make up a Linux Zoneminder box.

Goal is security as well as keeping an eye on the kids when they come home from school. (Bar cam also has a view of the Keg Tap in case the 15 year old or friends wants to test it out)


RCS 4 Zone system (RS232 port), 2nd floor, 1st floor, basement and Home Theater (sub section of basement)


Mix of UPB (theater and critical application areas for scenes) and Z-wave
Simply automated PIM

IR (Theater Control):

Bought 2 iTach Global Cache units to play with. One wifi to IR, one Wifi to serial.

Other Equipment:

4 port Serial to USB
HP Media Smart 470 Server (all of our movies and music)
HP Media Smart 475 Server (just got it for $100, not sure what i will do, maybe Homseer server?)
Two spare quad core pc's running Win 7 now
HTPC i3-2100 in Theater equipment rack Win7 64

(2) iPads
(3) iPhones
Several ipod touch's
(2) android tablets

Still to buy:

Homeseer Pro
More UPB
Outdoor Cams
Elk outdoor temp sensor
Some sort of energy monitor

Originally planned to hook the UPB and RCS up to the Elk, then interface to elk to Homeseer, however now I'm wondering if it would be better to run the Elk, UPB PIM, RCS box and Z-troller via the Serial to USB box to the Homeseer server and controll it all from there?

Any Pro's or cons either way?