Elk wireless help


I'm in the process of hooking up my wireless reciever and a couple of wireless door contacts. I've installed the GE Networx NX-548E receiver to my Elk M1G and all seems fine. I also enrolled two GE wireless door contacts on zones 17 and 18 respectively. They seem to have come across fine as well and I can see the Tx ID and DL fields populated with the ID's. I've set the state to not supervised and checked option 2 for normally closed. Whenever I check the status of the two wireless zones, neither work as they both show that they are violated and open even though they aren't. I've checked the receiver and it seems to be recieving feedback from the wireless door contacts ok based on the light activity when they are opened and closed. Can anyone offer any suggestions on what I could try next. Thanks in advance!!
Set the hardwire zone type to type 0,
Set the RF transmitter Option 1 = disables on board reed switch
Set the RF transmitter Option 2 = Normally closed contacts

GE Transmitter Type A (first digit of TXID code is an "A")
ITI 6067095R - Door And Window Transmitters,
NX-695 - ITI 6074495R - Water Sensor Transmitter

Option 1 = Enabled = disables Reed Switch on door and window transmitter
Option 2 = Enabled = makes hardwired loop normally closed
Test Button enrolls transmitter and violates zone.

Note for Water Sensor: Option 1 and Option 2 must be enabled for normally closed loop
and to disable the Reed Switch
Hi Spanky, thanks for your help.

I've done as you and Paul suggested and set the wired state to 0=EOL SUPERVISED/RF

I've also set the following in the RF tranmitter settings:

- checked to enable the transmitter
- set the supervised pull down menu to 1-normal supervision
- checked option 1 to disable the onboard reed switch
- checked option 2 to set the transmitter up as a normally closed contact
- TxID is 0A04153

I'm not getting any luck with these settings. Maybe I'm doing something else wrong?

In addition, I upgraded the Elk firmware to version 4.4.12 which is the version to be used with GE recievers as per the Elk site.

Is there something else that I can try?

Thanks again for your help.
if using ELKRP to enroll transmitters, do not use the "0" before the "A" in the TXID number.

You might try enrolling the transmitter manually using menu 14 in the installer level programming. You may have to unenroll it first using menu 14, 2, menu 01-Enable Transmitter = NO
Then use menu 14, 3, zone number, right arrow and press the test button on the transmitter.
I initially enrolled the transmitters from the Elk keypads and then when I connected RP it sensed a mismatch between the database and the panel. I think downloaded the change to the database which had the TxId values there. I can try removing these and installing them from RP if that's what you recommend.
Spanky, I went home at lunch and tried as you suggested to manually enrol the transmitters again. This didn't seem to work either. I turned enable off at the keypad and then did the enrollment using the test button again. I heard the beep at the keypad ok so it sees the trasmitter - just seems that after this no communication happens with the transmitter. Can you please tell me how to use RP to set up the transmitters. I tried to do it by first setting the status to not enabled at the keypad. I then deleted the TxId from the RP wireless settings and manually keyed the value in excluding the 0. It seems to always want to put the 0 back in there though.

Anyway, I"m running out of ideas here. Thanks again.
Success!! Tonight I gave it one final try. I disabled the transmitter at the keypad and then manually found the transmitters again. I did this and then imported these settings into RP. After this I set both wireless options to disabled (unchecked) and I had the system talking. I was confused and thought that option 2 had to be enabled as I wanted to set the contact to normally closed. Anyway, the system is working now so one more piece of the puzzle is complete. Thanks for all your help!!