Elk wiring questions


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Hi everyone-

I am finally getting around to wiring some of the parts to my Elk that I moved up to the attic 6-8 months ago. I know I am slow, but I have had several irons in the fire.

I am locating a Caddx 48 zone wireless card, a 16 zone input zone, and an 8 relay/8analog output card.

I also have located a second power supply that I had laying around.

Here is my question. If I run a cat v wire from the main panel, can I run the RS-485 bus and the 3 wires that are needed for the caddx wireless on the same piece of cat v?

If so, should I double up any of the wires?

I know the Caddx has three wires--- Black, Red, and Green. Is the red and black for power? If yes can I use my new power supply to power it?

Thanks for the help

Two of the three Caddx bus wires are power wires, +12V and negative. One data line. The same power and negative will be running on the 4 wire RS-485 data bus. You may want to double the power wires.
Thanks Spanky-

Do you know where I can get the correct terminal ends that connect to the rs-485? It is the little rectangle connector that has either 4 or 5 wires ( I can't remember which)