Elk Zone Questions....


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Ok folks so my setup is coming along rather slowly and I am lost on how the zones work.

THe board has 16 zones...meaning I can have 16 sensors or many more but wired in series for each zone. To keep things simple I am going to do a couple of hardwired sensors (one for each zone).

I have installed the panel and so far have not had the time to really install any hardwired sensor. So the 16 zones do not have any thing on it. I did install the caddx wireless panel and already have wireless sensors that are on the doors etc. I started from zone 33 and assigned each wireless sensor a number. So far only experimented with 2.

I pressed the button on each sensor and heard the beep to have it recognized. So far so good. Now when I look at the wall unit it says not ready and only shows me the 16 zones.

Now this what the seyup is going to be initially.

Living room will have a hardwired motion sensor. Has a wireless sensor on the back sliding door to the deck. I want these 2 to be considered one area.

So as always looking to you for help.

Mind you I have not been able to use the elkrp as my laptop has some encryption built in and does not work with that software (work PC) moving the desktop to the basement can be done but will take time.

Make sure you have defined the zone 33 and above that you are using in the M1. They are defaulted as disabled and will not show up. If you can get ELKRP working on your computer, it will be a lot easier to setup.
I did that by setting up the wireless setup (I think it was option 14). Is there another way to do this?

Also, what is the best way to keep my elkrp database on a usb drive so that I can use it on any pc in th house. bascially work on the dektop and take the notebook down to the basement for the transfer.

In the ELKRP Setup you can tell ELKRP where to look for the operating files and the updates files. That way you can have the files on a Thumb drive.

You can setup the wireless with ELKRP and type in the transmitter ID's if they are on the transmitter packing box or the back of the transmitter. Otherwise you have to learn the transmitters from the keypad programming in Installer Menu 14.

If you are having problems learning the transmitters, reinitialize the Wireless EEProm memory using Global 07, menu 45.