ELK Zone Temperature Problem


I've looked through numerous postings here and at the ELK dealer forum and cannot seem to find the answer to my problem.

The problem is my outside zone temperature sensor displays temperatures like 270 or 280 degrees celsius as soon as the temperature falls below 0 celsius. Seems like it shows 280 when the temp is just below zero and 270 when it gets a bit colder. Everything works fine as long as the temperature is above zero.

Any ideas how to fix this?

Where are you displaying the temperatures that you are seeing?

What M1 software version are you running?

The Elk M1 software is 4.3.10. The temp is being displayed via a message to the keypads. The incorrect temperatures also show when I open up the virtual keypad in internet explorer.

Try updating to the latest M1 software version 4.4.4. There has been some temperature improvements since 4.3.10. Also update the keypad to the latest version on the m1dealer.elkproducts.com site.

Let us know how things then work.