Elkj M1 expander cards are showing some zones violated


I have a major problem that developed two weeks ago with my Elk M1 system.
I have three wireless expanders, m1xrftw (Elk 2 way), m1xrefg  (GE) and m1 xrfxrf2h (Honeywell).
The indication of a problem was my Homseer SEL controller was not responding to output changes from the Elk m1. I looked on Elk RP and found that the outputs were all shifted forward i.e.: output 40 was now 41 and so on. I corrected the problem.
Now, the main problem is if I power down the ELK using the power switch and power back up after 20 seconds later  I have a few zones on all 3 wireless expanders cards violated and my ekeypad states that those zones are not used and a clear color stats indicator. If I open a door, window, pull the smoke/co they reset and become normal.
These three expanders are on an m1DBHR.
I them removed all devices from the RS485 bus and just connected each expander separately and I still get some violated zones. Termination on the expander cards and J3 on the Elk M1.
I should also mention that I had to remove the Navigator keypad as it screen is all funky.
If this turns out to be a main board problem I will have to re-think if I want to continue with Elk and install Zwave smoke/ co on Homeseer.
Any advice would be appreciated.
I have the Elk M1XRFTW and when I first power the M1 up the wireless zones are not recognized. They become recognized by the M1 the next time they become violated. I just go around and open and  close them one at a time because I only have a few wireless zones. I've always considered this normal but will be interested to hear what others say.
This system worked flawlessly for 3 years. Now I have to do just what you stated in your reply. That should not happen. I will go back and see if my terminations are correct. The only zones that do not work are the BERG zones. The smoke and PIR's always come back.
This is a quote from Brad Weeks a tech support guy at the Elk support forum pertaining to the M1XRF2H -
"If the system is power cycled all wireless Zones are in a Open/Violated State until either the Zone is tripped or until the Zone checks in with the receiver."
It only makes sense that after a power cycle the M1 would wait for each wireless sensor to check in before declaring it's status. How could it even know a wireless sensor's status until it actually hears it from that sensor? And how often does the sensor send a status report to the M1?
Right now I only have the two way setup directly on the RS 4856 Bus. I was losing my Burg 6020 devices. I just recently found a bad termination pin J3 main board (no continuity between the pins. A little wire at the top bridges the pin and that was broken. I have successfully powered off the unit and all smokes, PIR's and Burglar are normal after several power downs..

Interesting what you state about the M1XRF2H I never noticed it over 3 years having to reset 12  devices  after a power is down. Thanks for that update.
I think that all of the wireless devices will come around on their own eventually through normal use. I think that they may also check in with the M1 periodically. Smokes may be a special case.
mikefamig said:
I think that all of the wireless devices will come around on their own eventually through normal use. I think that they may also heck in with the M1 periodically. Smokes may be a special case.
If the device is supervised, they'll send a periodic signal. If they're not, the panel won't care (unsupervised fob, panic, etc.) and they can be missing.
So is it all working normally now?
I don't understand what you mean about a little wire that bridges the pin but you should get yourself a jumper for that.
I have several zones on the two way that will not come back after a power down. The only way to activate them is to pull the battery. Very strange as I never had to pull batteries. The m1xfreg I have to remove the device from the back plate. to activate.  I am thing I may replace the GE and Honeywell with two way but then I have to figure out what to do about CO. I just purchased a First Alert Zwave that is combo Smoke/CO. I really do not want to put smoke and co on the Homeseer automation side. I will just sit back and think about this for awhile.
Time to replace the batteries, perhaps?  A number of people have complained that the original batteries that are in the Elk two-way devices didn't last as long as one would expect. 
I am talking about the termination bridge that terminates the device if required. Not all but a few of them are open at the top with a wire that bridges both sides. I must have broken it when I used a pair of long nose pliers to bridge the termination. Hope that helps.
First of all test all jumpers with and ohm meter and replace any questionable ones.
Then a quick way to tell if you have the data bus properly terminated is to turn off all power to the system and connect an ohm meter to the M1 panel with one lead on the DATA A connector and the other lead on the DATA B connector. You should measure 65 ohms +-10 ohms.