ELKM1 Rule - Text to Keypad on Zone Change


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I am struggling with what I feel like should be a fairly simple rule so undoubtedly it is user error. Hopefully someone can spot my error in thinking here...

I added sensors to my garage rollup doors and have the zones added as non-alarm type. They are working great. I have the F1 and F2 keys on my keypad blinking if they are open, however, I would also like to have the Keypad display a message like "Garage Doors Open" until they are closed.

I setup a rule as follows:
THEN DISPLAY "Garage Door Open^M" IN Money Pit (Area 1) INDEFINITELY
I have the same setup for my other garage door zone as well.

I cannot get this message to ever display. I tried just a basic whenever 20 seconds display the message and that worked, so my keypads can accept the text. It seems like the M1 is not sending the "not-secure" message needed to trigger the rule, yet the message is sent to the keypads since they know to blink the F1/F2 keys. I have tried setting to a Burglar Perimeter type but that didn't change anything. Has anyone been able to trigger a rule based on a sensor's status, regardless of if the alarm is set or not?

I have rules that are WHENEVER/NOT SECURE on non-alarm zones and they work fine.
Suspect your problem is with the DISPLAY line.

Maybe the lone ^M in the text is fouling it up?
Thanks. That at least confirms to me that I should be able to do it but just can't figure what is going on. I added the ^M because it mentioned needing that, however, I did confirm that the message can be displayed on the keypad if I change the "when" to trigger off of time versus zone status change. I just tried again to confirm. I am stumped now. As I mentioned the Keypad is setup to blink on the zone status and it works perfectly, blinking as soon as the doors open. So it seems like everything works except the rule doesn't get the trigger info. I guess I will try removing the keypad blink to see if somehow that is causing a conflict.
I guess I will try removing the keypad blink to see if somehow that is causing a conflict.
That would be a good idea. Could be that the keypad is processing the blink, and misses the display.

You could also try doing something else not keypad related to make sure the whenever trigger is working.
for example
Whenever zone 49 not secure
then announce say time

Elk's explanation of how the rule engine works.
So no idea what i did.. but one of my two garage doors now works with the rule. I have both rules set exactly the same, the only difference being the two different zones. The message output is the same, but one works, the other doesn't. I am not even dealing with them being open at the same time, etc.. just independently operating one and the messaging/rule works, then close it, wait, and operate the other, and no message. Both doors also operate their own F key blinks on the keypads, so I know the M1 sees them switch their states upon open and close. It is definitely a head scratcher. I have checked all of my other rules and they don't conflict, however, I may disable all of them just to rule that out as well. The document you link definitely helped me to understand how the rules work though, so thanks for that!
This might be a long shot, but it's possible that it has something to do with the keypad not recognizing the command to display the text, either due to a poor data bus connection or a defect with the keypad.

Do you have one keypad that displays the message from one door, but not the other? Or do you have multiple keypads and they all fail to display the message for the one door?

Did you try deleting the rule(s) to blink the F-key and see if it works without that rule.

What firmware version are you running on the M1 and the keypads?
M1G is 5.3.30
M1KP2 is 1.0.20
I am only working on one keypad for this effort, though I do have another KP2 installed that I haven't been looking at. I will check to see if it is behaving the same. The odd thing is that I have essentially the same rule firing the same exact text to that keypad, so the only difference is the zone. My basic rules are below. I do have two "clear" rules which should clear the message upon the zone becoming secure, shown below as well.

I just removed the blink on status settings for both zones and same result. I checked my other keypads and they all display the "Garage Open" message as expected for my secondary garage door, but nothing for my primary. It is literally as if the M1 cannot see that trigger. I also turned all of my rules off except for the below.

Your rules look ok, unless there is some non-obvious thing I'm not seeing, but I don't think so.

I would try swapping the cables for the two zones on the zone inputs and see if the problem stays with the zone or with the main or secondary door.
There's a specific way to clear messages on the keypads. Maybe your displaying "" to clear is causing an issue.