ElkM1 system - low battery

George M

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I have an Elk M1 system. Been in operation since 2008. Recently I keep getting a "low battery" warning. I replace the backup battery, and the only other battery item in the system is a door lock. Replaced those batteries also. Still get the warning. What else would cause the warning? Is there a way to get info on what exactly is causing the error?
The low battery warning will continue until the next time the M1 runs a battery load test, usually once every 24 hours. Leave the new battery installed and wait 24 hours to see if the warning goes away,

You can also force a load test through keypad menu 8, System Settings, submenu 4, System Tests. This should also clear the low battery warning.
Thank you Ral,
The error of the low battery has gone away. However I still have an error of "serial expander trouble".
I have the serial expander with the firmware for the zwave controller. Since I started to move some of the zwave switches to a different controller (home assistant) I am now getting that error on the keypads.
I have gone in and cleaned up the lists of lights no longer controlled by the ELK, but the error still reports on the keypads.
Can I clear the error message for the serial expander the same as the low battery?
The log did show the problem with the the serial expander, but since i cleaned up the lights it now does not show it, only the keypads.
Its been about 15 years since I did programing on the Elk and cant find my notes or the manual anymore.

Thanks again