ok, got my answer, but man, talk about limited. rather have a 10 day fully functional then this. How are we supposed really evaluate it when it is ths crippled?

Limitations in DEMO Mode
Security Screen- Allows arming and disarming with code only. The event log can be viewed. The Status page
will only display the first zone programmed in the system. The quick arm buttons, bypass button, chime button
and function buttons do not work in DEMO mode.
Climate- The climate screen is not functional in DEMO mode. The Thermostat page displays invalid data, and
will not control any thermostat connected to the system. The sensors page will display valid names for keypad
and sensors but does not display the actual temperature at that sensor.
Lighting/Tasks/Outputs/Custom/Links- These pages will display only 1 item. This is the first item programmed
in the system for that category.
does anyone know if it is possible to donwload it after you buy it from a retailer? Don't want to have to have it shipped.
The license key is tied to the M1 Control's serial number. Once you have a key, you can use as many ELKRM's you want with the control.
that's cool.
but when i go to checkout at AO, i pay shipping. Do I get a key asap or have to wait for physical software pkg?
Not sure. Just call AO and ask them. If the key is in the package I'm sure they could email it to you or something.
When you order the ELKRM Key, you must provide the serial number from the M1 Control. ELK Technical Support will give the Key to the distributor and they should provide it to you in a short period of time.
well i ordered it last night and still have not received the key. order says "on order with elk - will email code when received"

seeing as it's the weekend, i most likely won't get it till monday now. ;)
I did at first, but when processed the card they took the shiping out. They said I will be getting a CD too.

electron: I can't get the video to come up
I have a Panasonic IP cam configured as well, not the wireless version tho. Did you add it as a custom camera, or was it in the list already? It has been a while since I set mine up.