ElkRM info posted on Elk website


This might be old news, but I just noticed that Elk products has the ElkRM software posted on their website here. Does this mean that the software will be available for purchase soon?

Note: This is not a product release announcement. Just me talking.

The purpose of ELKRM Remote Management Software is to provide an end user interface for controlling the M1 according to how the installer enabled features. That can range from basic security arm/disarm up to controlling 256 lights along with everything else the M1 can do.

ELKRM should be downloadable next week and will operate in the limited functionality DEMO mode. A product key must be purchased to open its full functionality.

This same software comes installed in the new ELK Touchscreen.

All the zones, lighting, thermostats, tasks, etc. are read from the M1 / EZ8 and setup automatically.

Once you have purchased a product key for your M1's serial number, you can run up to 30 ELKRM's, fully functional, into that M1 using the M1XEP Ethernet Module.

A single ELKRM connection may be made to a M1 with the serial RS232 port.

The appearance is customizable using skins and your imagination. Documentation is available from HERE.

The limited functionality DEMO Mode includes:
Arming/Disarming the security system using the numeric keys. The Away, Stay, and other function keys are disabled.
The system log may be read.
Zone status, lighting devices, tasks, temperatures, and links are limited to the first item to be displayed.
Thermostats are disabled.