ElkRP bug?


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I'll send this to Brad at Elk as well as post on the Elk forum. I think I found a bug in RP that scared the begeezees out of me! I made some rules in RP with multiple THENs, like WHENEVER Sunset THEN ... several lighting statements. After saving the rule and sending to control, I clicked the test button. To my horror, at first glance some lights did not respond! OMG, FUD struck about my UPB install. Could it possibly be unreliable? Well, after rearranging rules and testing I think I discovered the bug. It seems when you test a rule, only the first THEN statement is excuted! If I switched the order of the THENs, different lights (always the first) responded. So I wrote a rule to execute all the THENs at a certain time (minute later) and all the lights responded perfectly. Ok, I am breathing again, a simple bug and not UPB issue.

Anyone else ever see this?