ElkRP CID/reporting codes


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Got NextAlarm working for zone errors, now trying to setup so that other events (ie, area 1 armed/disarmed/etc) are also reported.

Page 58 (Appendix A) of the Elk install manual shows a bunch of 4-digit event codes. ElkRP.Communicator.AreaRCs looks like it allows 4-digit CIDs, but only lets me type in the pulse.

Telephone 1 is setup to reportformat=1(contactID)

So....Is this how i'm supposed to do it? How do I set that CID?
Here's how I think it works (anyway it's what I did and it worked for me). Type a "1" in the pulse field for any code you want supported. When the phone dials, it sends the appropriate info based on what you set for that phone, so in your case it will send the CID.

Go to the Communicator area to set the appropriate pulse fields and make sure you check the appropriate boxes in the phone setup to get that info sent.