ElkRP debug feature request


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Something I have been wanting for a while, but I keep forgetting about asking for this, so here I go:

What I would like to see added is a way of being able to look at the Elk M1 internal state. I want to know what the status is of the devices according to the M1, status of counters, and other useful debugging information.

Right now, I am trying to figure out why some rules aren't triggering, and this would help out a lot :)

electron said:
I don't think that Electron actually posted this message. I believe that his mice have probably gained access to the internet and are using his login and password.

Obviously, they want this information so that they can hack into his HA systems and disable certain devices.
Speaking of wants and debugging, I want the ability to disable/enable rules. Its a pain having to delete rules temporarily for then entering it again. Just a check box at each rule (or even each rule step :) ) would do the job.

Of course, some people asked it already. I absolutely need a way of labeling, grouping and/or commenting my rules. Disabling a full group usig a checkbox - that would be great!
While I am at it, I also would like to see an easy way of exporting a rule in ASCII (to file and/or clipboard), while keeping the formatting, so we can share rules (and making it easier to ask for help).
electron said:
I want to know what the status is of the devices according to the M1, status of counters, and other useful debugging information.
Yeah, counters are a biggie. It would be nice if they were exposed somehow ad hoc (like in RP, or on the keypad). It would also be nice if they were exposed in the serial protocol so they can be used in external programs.

As an example, I am using a counter that gets incremented to count a number of days to an event. Cuurently I don't see any way to 'look' and see what is remaining (value of counter). I would also like to be able to have it via serial so an external program like CQC could access it and display different things based on the value.

For now I guess I can toggle outputs that change with the value of the counter and use those but it not very clean or efficient.

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You might be able to cheat using outputs and setting up essentially a binary counting scheme (depending on how big the numbers are you needed). Real quick but something like

OUTPUT150 = 1
OUTPUT151 = 1
OUTPUT152 = 0
OUTPUT153 = 0
OUTPUT154 = 0
OUTPUT155 = 0
OUTPUT156 = 0
OUTPUT157 = 0

Then you can convert it back on the software side. Would this work until a better way is established? Granted if the numbers got large you are going to have a lot of rules, and it is annoying, but if you really want it now this might work.

I haven't done the software side for this (hs, etc) yet, but outputs are visible, right? (hard to imagine they would not be).
Being able to insert the value of counter and zone/output status in string messages, voice messages and emails would solve part of the problem. But I agree, it is still required a way to poll the these values directly (without rules, text definitions, etc.).