Ellisr63 Black Rack series


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Location: Sunnyvale
Hardware: Autopatch 4ydm, Russound CAV-5.5, Denon 2807, Denon 3806,
(2) Hughes HDTL sat receivers, (3) Sony cx 985 changers converted to serial, Sonance 12 channel amp


Masterbedroom intro screen


Select 4YDM for HDTV and Digital Audio selection


Select CAV for analog audio and video selection


push on the door where it says door


adjust volume screen


Selecting Traffic brings up


Selecting Sat switches the autopatch, russound, denon 2807 to the proper input and zone and brings up this screen

Selecting XM brings up this screen

Want to change the volume.... select Denon 2807 and this appears

want to check the status of another room... select 4ydm

or select the Russound..

push where it says push and the controls appear..

want to change the volume in a zone press vol...

Want to listen to some music... press MP3s


Select the album you want and it starts playing and this screen pops up..


Current weather is here..


Comments and Questions:
This thread is my Rack series and the other thread is my new Black series.. which do you like Better? Comments about either?
The links are over in the gallery section. They've set it up where the gallery and the discussion of the gallery are kept separate. So for eveyr thread in the gallery, a discussion thread gets's opened here with the same title.
Yeah, duh, I knew that. I didn't even look to see what section we were in. Thanks. I saw the original silver series over at CQC and I think I like that better than the black. They look great though.
Interesting... most here prefer the old silver and at work most prefer the new black... any suggestions or would you be happy with either?
You must have a Military background! Your display theme looks a lot like the displays in the tanks or Fighter jets!

But they are awesome.

Me like it a lot