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Elve - version 0.23 beta


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Elve v0.23 is now available for download at http://codecoretechnologies.com with free time-limited licenses during the public beta period.

IMPORTANT: After upgrading from version 0.20 or earlier, each Elve user account must be edited, choose a default touch screen and save. You must save each user account even if you do not change the default touch screen. The user will not have access to touch screens until this is done.

This version has focused mostly on bug fixes and a few highly requested last minute enhancements.

On-Screen Keyboard
* Added a new Show Keyboard Button UI control which forces a Text Entry control's keyboard to be shown when pressed.
* A Text Entry Touch Screen UI control's on-screen keyboard can now be programmatically shown/hidden.
* A Text Entry Touch Screen UI control's on-screen keyboard can now NOT be shown automatically when pressed but still accept physical keyboard keystrokes.
* A Text Entry Touch Screen UI control's on-screen keyboard's location can now be specified.
* A Text Entry Touch Screen UI control's on-screen numeric keyboard now can have each key mapped.
* A Text Entry Touch Screen UI control's on-screen numeric and full keyboard now support a button to clear the text.
* Added watermark text support to the Text Entry control.
* Fixed: Pressing TAB in a Text Entry Touch Screen UI control's on-screen keyboard would not select the next text entry field if it was the 1st control loaded.
* Fixed: The Touch Screen Viewer numeric on-screen keyboard was allowing non-numeric text entry via a physical keyboard.
* Fixed: The TextEntry Touch Screen UI control was always displaying text in gray.
* Fixed: The Text Entry Touch Screen UI control's on-screen keyboard would be displayed in the wrong location if it used a custom keyboard image.
* Fixed: Keystrokes on a physical keyboard were not sent to the active Text Entry control if the control was in an Inner Touch Screen.

Slider UI Control Related Features
* Added Slider Label touch screen UI control.
* The Slider control now supports an alternate background image for the area left/below the thumb.
* The Slider control can now update the value of a bound device property while the slider thumb is being moved.

Other Touch Screen Changes
* Added ''Boolean Value Changed'' control event to Boolean touch screen control.
* Added ClearText() method to most controls to clear the text as an alternative to setting the text to an empty string.
* The various Button controls now support text macros.
* Fixed: Touch Screen fonts were not being saved/loaded correctly in locales using a comma as the decimal separator.
* Fixed: The Touch Screen Viewer application now notifies the user when signin in when the user account does not have a touch screen associated with it and no touch screen path was provided in the command line.
* Fixed: Setting the TextVerticalAlign control property would inadvertently set the TextHorizontalAlign property instead.
* Fixed: Text macros with script in a property index would not resolve.
* Fixed: The Sign In button was showing as a white square (this may have just been an issue with an intermediate build).

* Added IsOddNumber, IsEvenNumber, and IsMultipleOf methods to the j9Script Math object.
* Fixed: The -- j9script operator was ignored and resulted in an error.
* Fixed: The Script Editor no longer shows the auto-complete popup when pressing a period after a period character (such as when entering a number like 1.3).

* The Global Variables driver is now marked as allowing multiple instances per driver service.
* Fixed: An error would occur when editing a Global Variables initial value before the type.
* Fixed: The TcpCommunication class could deadlock if disposed while receiving data.

iPhone Touch Screen Interface
* The Favorites interface now shows the thermostat heat and cool set-points.
* The slider controls now have a blue fill image to the left of the slider thumb.
* The Browse Music interface now supports searching.
* The Browse Music interface now lists music in rows instead of tiles.
* The Browse Music interface no longer shows the navigation/volume controls.
* The Now Playing interface's volume control now adjusts the device volume while the slider is moving.
* The touchable area of many of the controls have been increased to improve user interaction.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support and feedback.


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Version has been released and fixed a bug introduced in v0.23 that causes touch screen interface button presses to run any associated action lists twice.

This version also includes a new "At Scheduled Intervals" event which is under evaluation and may change in the future. Please let us know what you think. Thanks.

It is recommended that you upgrade to this version to avoid the v.23 button press bug.

Thank you for your cooperation,


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We found another one... If you are using the Media Seek Slider control or Media Player Track Position Time control in version 0.21.x through version 0.23.x, Touch Screen Viewer will very likely freeze and stop responding. We have fixed the issue and will be posting an updated version soon.

However the controls work fine in Touch Screen Viewer Lite and Elve Mobile applications.