Email from Intermatic


Senior Member
Dear Mr. Powell:

Intermatic Home Automation line has been delayed for another 2
months. There is no limitation on manufacturing 3-way switches - they will
be in our second generation of products. You can contact me for any
questions that you have.

If I may ask, where did you get information on our program?

Art Noparstak
Marketing Manager

I did reply and asked him to please participate in our forum. I informed him that there is allot of feedback on both the CocoonTech and HomeSeer site which they are missing out on by not participating in our discussions. I also stressed the fact that the reason most people have not took the plunge into z-wave is because of the lack of information provided to the customers and the fact that there are no 3 Way switches.

I sure hope the people at Intermatic will join us.

Does anyone have any other question you want me to ask him. I'm not going to post his e-mail address in fear that it might get bombarded with useless email than he might start ignoring me and everyone else.
Definitely get him involved here on CocoonTech, as many people new to HA are surfing these boards (vs you have to be a member on the HS forums). Thanks for keeping us up to date!
A little off topic, but the development kit for Z-Wave is rumored to be ~ 6000 dollars which would definately limit the number of software products supporting it. I personally like and feel that homeseer is a bit clunky for my taste. So, I am staying away until Premise supports it.... I could definately use it though, tired of X10 flakiness....

How do you like the premise software? I went to a demo/training class for it held by premise about 6 months ago. It looked to me like a nice system but geared really towards installers. It looked like a pretty steep learning curve as well/

What are your thoughts?