email picture when alarm trips


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I am looking for recomendations... how could I get an email sent out with a photo from a network panisonic camera if the alarm trips(m1)?
From the message I can only tell that you have a Panasoic Network camera and an alarm. Can those cameras send emails? Can they save periodic pictures to a SAMBA file server? Do you have another computer that you can use to pickup the last picture taken from a camera and send it as an attachment?

In my case I would program a rule in the Elk M1 to send a specific string via a serial port, depending on what zone was trigerred. This string would be captured by my linux file server ( ) that would pick the last picture from a folder, attach to an email and use sendmail to send as required.

There are several ways of doing this, depending on the capabilities of the devices.
i have some panasonic cameras too (thanks, martin), and it's not terribly easy to do what you are asking. obviously, the cameras don't know anything about the alarm. taking periodic pictures on the cameras means accessing a dynamic (in the sense that it changes) url because the picture index is incremented on each rule when it is taken (i.e., you don't know the index of the latest picture).

the way i implement this (and just recently) is through homeseer. it knows the status of the elk because of the elkm1 plugin, and the recently implemented netcam plugin which can take pictures as an event action. note, you have to take two pictures with a camera to get one of them cached (it doesn't cache a picture until there is one to replace it). from there, it's a script to find the newest picture in the directory from the right camera and email it. but i think that functionality is being built into the next version of the netcam plugin.

of course, i don't know if powerhome has the same type of capabilities.
This is very easy to do with the ELK and Axis IP cameras. The email would come from the Axis camera not the ELK. The camera has a trigger-in , hook it up to relay output and write a program "when (whatever): Then output (whatever) on for 1 sec" The rest of the setup is done in the camera.
Check out THIS thread. Drozwood90 describes camera software that can "trigger" an event using contact closures from your computer's game port.

I also agree on the Axis camera servers simple solution. I use Axis 2400 servers here that I purchased used (got them at a really good price). :lol: